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Electrical Inspection / EICR

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How Much Is An EICR ?

Do you need an EICR or electrical Inspection in Swinton or surrounding areas?

EICR and Electrical inspection and testing is a fundamental requirement to ensure safe electrical installations.

Anyone carrying out the complex and specialist task of an EICR or Landlords electrical certificate must have detailed knowledge of current and historic wiring types.

They should have a good understanding of BS7671 and ideally have completed their test and inspection certificate.

Beware companies that provide these EICR for less than £100, it may be the case that they skip through the inspection and use the term limitation throughout.

Always call and have a chat with the company first.

Schedule an EICR Now.

After the electrical inspection and testing are completed a condition report needs to be compiled by the person carrying out the work of this eicr and encompass a series of observations to which a code is given.

EICR also is known as electrical installation condition reports are a document produced following assessment of the wiring in premises and must be carried out by an experienced and capable electrician.

They will have the required experience to complete the Periodic inspection and be registered with a provider such as NAPIT.

There are numerous reasons why a homeowner might request an EICR and indeed they are now required where proof of the safety of an electrical installation is required.
One of the main reasons an EICR is requested is for rented accommodation where an EICR is now legally required.

An EICR or electrical inspection is recommended every 10 years in a domestic property, it may be advisable to hire an electrician sooner than this if you have issues with wiring, faults, or RCD tripping.

Things that are checked during an EICR include the polarity of the supply, continuity of conductors, adequacy of main equipotential bonding.
RCD tripping times and the presence of an RCD.

Surge protection is also inspected along with the size of wiring conductors, overload protection, and earth loop impedance.
It is the case now that more and more surveyors are requesting an electrical survey as part of a house sale.

Anything that looks old to the inspector, including rewireable fuses will be a flag for them to ask for an electrical inspection.
It may be advisable to carry out the EICR now and address any electrical issues resulting from the inspection, this may be more economical than just accepting “the property needs a rewire” when it doesn’t.

Northwest Electrical Contractors are ideally suited to the completion of these electrical inspections.
Our highly trained and skilled electricians have the knowledge and tools to complete your EICR on time with minimal disruption.

Once the inspection is complete, we will email a copy of the certificate to the client, along with any deviations or issues found.

If the installation is found to be unsatisfactory we will of course provide a free quote for any remedial works.
There is no obligation to have any further works done by ourselves.

Areas that we cover..

EICR in Manchester | EICR in Salford | EICR in Worsley | EICR in Swinton | EICR in Eccles | EICR in Monton | EICR in Walkden | EICR in Irlam | EICR in Cadishead | EICR in Trafford Park | EICR in Urmston | EICR in Stretford | EICR in Prestwich | EICR in Whitefield | EICR in Bolton | EICR in Farnworth | EICR in Westhoughton | 

Questions about Domestic EICR / Electrical Inspections?

How long will it take.?

It really depends on how large the property is, how many electrical circuits you have, and how accessible the circuits are.

In general, with our specialist tools and equipment, we can complete a standard 1 to 3 bedroom property in 1 to 3 hours.

What are the C1, C2 and C3 codes in an EICR

  • C1  ‘Danger present’: There is a risk of injury and that immediate remedial action is required to remove the dangerous condition.
  • C2 ‘Potentially dangerous condition’: Urgent remedial action required, this should declare the nature of the problem, not the remedial actions required.
  • C3 ‘Improvement recommended’: This code more often than not implies that while the installation may not comply with the current set of regulations, complies with a previous set of regulations and so is deemed to be safe although this safety can be improved upon.

What is domestic EICR.?

As the name suggests an EICR (the electrical installation condition report ), is a report which inspects the property and compares it with today’s BS7671 wiring regulations.

It will highlight any immediate dangers, a danger which might arise, and create a list of recommendations. The EICR will be issued with a Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory status.

Who needs an EICR.?

  • Private landlords
  • Commercial landlords
  • HMO properties
  • Home sellers
  • Homebuyers
  • Insurance surveys

What do you do in an EICR.?

  • Visual inspection
  • Electrical testing with a multifunction calibrated test meter. Tests include
  • Dead Testing.
  • Continuity testing.
  • Insulation resistance testing.
  • Polarity.
  • Earthing arrangements.
  • Live Testing.
  • Earth fault loop impedance testing.
  • RCD testing.

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